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The Institute has three full-time academic staff. They are Professor Jan Glazewski, Ms Amanda Mkhonza and Professor Alexander Paterson. Mrs Olivia Rumble joined the Institute on a part-time two-year contract in January 2018. Professor Derry Devine, continues to be a member of the Institute as an Emeritus Professor. Dr Jenny Hall and Dr Remy Kinna are currently honorary research associates of the Institute. The Institute’s administration is attended to by Mrs Toni Murphy.

Professor Jan Glazewski
Alexander PatersonJan Glazewski is a professor of law in the Institute. He was Special Advisor to the former Minster of Environmental Affairs & Tourism, Mr Mohammed Valli Moosa in 2003/4. In the early 1990s he was involved in the inclusion of environmental right in both the Namibian and South African Constitutions. His book Environmental Law in South Africa (Butterworths LexisNexis 2005) was awarded the UCT book award and he is currently completing the third edition. His current research interests include climate change law, energy law and environmental law. His recent publications and reports are in the area of climate change liability, climate change and planning law, and carbon capture and storage.

Jan will be on sabbatical in the first half of 2018.

Room 6.14.1 - Kramer Law Building
Tel: 021 650 3075
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Ms Amanda Mkhonza
Alexander PatersonAmanda joined the Institute in 2018 as a Lecturer. She holds an LLB from the University of the Free State, and an LLM (Environmental Law) from the University of the Witwatersrand. Having completed her articles at Norton Rose Fulbright, she was admitted as an Attorney and immediately began her lecturing career at the University of the Free State in 2013. Before joining the Institute, Amanda also worked as a Water Lawyer and Campaigner at the Centre for Environmental Rights, a Cape Town-based NGO and environmental law firm which strives to realise the right to a healthy environment through advocacy and litigation. Together with various national government departments, Amanda’s work focussed on developing legal protection for South Africa’s strategic water source areas – the 8% of our land that provides 50% of our water. In her spare time, she enjoys the simple things in life in the company of those she cherishes.

Room 6.28 - Kramer Law Building
Tel: 021 650 5616
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Professor Alexander Paterson
Alexander PatersonAlexander Paterson is a professor of law in the Institute and convenes its Postgraduate Programmes on Environmental Law and Marine & Environmental Law. He joined the Institute Law in 2004 and holds a BSocSci LLB LLM (Environmental Law) PhD from the University of Cape Town. Prior to joining the Institute he practised as an environmental attorney at Winstanley Smith and Cullinan Inc. and environmental consultant with EnAct International. He has also worked in the NGO sector monitoring the progression of environmental legislation through Parliament. Alexander serves on the board of various regional and national institutions and is assistant editor of the South African Journal of Environmental Law. He is furthermore a Governing Board member of the IUCN Academy of Environmental Law and an active member of the IUCN World Commission of Environmental Law (WCEL), IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) and the Joint Task Force on Protected Areas of the WCPA and WCEL. His areas of interest and research include biodiversity, protected areas, land use planning and incentive based environmental regulation. On weekends you will find him up a mountain or surfing in the cold Atlantic Ocean.

Room 6.27 - Kramer Law Building
Tel: 021 650 5644
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Mrs Olivia Rumble
Olivia Rumble is a Senior Lecturer in the Institute. She holds a PPE from the University of Stellenbosch as well as an LLB and LLM in Environmental Law with distinction, from the University of Cape Town. She has a particular interest in, and has published widely on the topic of climate change law, and has been appointed to assist the Department of Environmental Affairs in drafting South Africa’s Climate Change Bill. Prior to joining the Institute, Olivia was a Senior Associate at ENSafrica, where she specialised in environmental law for seven years. She is currently a director at Climate Legal, a specialist climate change and environmental law consultancy. Olivia is a former clerk of the Constitutional Court and has worked with various NGOs on the intersection of environmental law and human rights.  She has extensive experience in the laws relating to water resources, waste management, atmospheric emissions and South Africa’s broad suite of environmental laws. Olivia has advised national government departments and regional bodies on domestic and transboundary water law reform as well as nuclear energy regulatory reform. Her research interests include climate change law and governance, carbon taxes, pollution and energy law.

Room 6.30 - Kramer Law Building
Tel: 021 650 5216

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Dr Jenny Hall
Alexander PatersonJenny is a very well established environmental legal consultant in South Africa. She holds a Bachelor of Arts and LLB degree from the University of Cape Town and an LLM degree from the University of South Africa. In addition, she graduated from the Faculty of Law (UCT) with a PhD (Public Law) in 2011, with her dissertation titled ‘The Impact of the Judicial Control on the Public Administration of the Environment’.

Jenny has been intimately involved in the drafting of much of South Africa’s contemporary environmental legislation and has undertaken a diverse array of environmental legal consultancies for national, provincial and local environmental authorities and corporate clients. She joined the Institute as an honorary research associate in 2012.

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Mr Remy Kinna
Mr Rémy Kinna is an Australian international water law, policy and governance specialist, currently based in the Mekong region. Previously, he worked for many years managing Oxfam’s humanitarian and development projects across South-East Asia. He was formerly Researcher in the Global Governance of International Watercourses with the UNESCO Centre for Water Law, Policy & Science at the University of Dundee, Scotland, as well as working with the Freshwater and Marine Law Unit in the Division of Environmental Law and Conventions at UNEP. He has consulted for a range of global organisations including: IUCN's BRIDGE Hydro-diplomacy Program; Oxfam Australia's Mekong Regional Water Governance Program; WWF Greater Mekong; and WaterAid. Rémy holds a LLB, BSc(Hons) and DipLang(French) from Monash University in Australia and a LLM (Marine & Environmental) from the University of Cape Town as a 2013 graduate of IMEL (his thesis on state responsibility for transboundary water pollution from acid mine drainage was supervised by Prof Loretta Feris). His research focuses upon international environmental law (specifically water), river basin governance and liability for transboundary harm. He has been a member of South Africa’s Environmental Law Association (ELA) since 2011 and is an ‘Expert - International Water Law and Policy’ with the London Centre of International Law Practice. Rémy joined the Institute as an Honorary Research Associate in September 2015.