IMEL Students Spend the Day at the Soetwater Nature Reserve

20 Apr 2015 - 10:45

New Leaves (Small)

During the second teaching block of the LLM Environmental Law Programme, the Principles of Environmental Law Students enjoyed a fieldtrip to the Soetwater Nature Reserve and Conference centre situated near Cape Point. The morning and early afternoon were spent in formal lectures in the Centre itself, covering topics associated with environmental rights. Students learnt about environmental rights and several associated rights including administrative justice, access to information, property rights and locus standi (the standing to approach court in environmental matters). They were introduced to both the theory underlying these rights, the relevant provisions in the Constitution and several relevant cases in which these rights have been triggered/used in environmental matters. The late afternoon was spent walking to the nearby lighthouse along the beach and then unwinding on the coast, watching the sun sink below the horizon and enjoying a well-deserved braai hosted by Sandy Paterson (the course convenor).



PEL Students Enjoying the Natural Splendour of the Soetwater Nature Reserve