Land Use Planning Students Visit Scarborough & Soetwater

22 Jul 2019 - 15:00

Land-Use Planning Law is a very complicated and practical subject. In order to enable students to grapple with this complexity, students spent the day visiting Scarborough and Soetwater near Cape Point. At Scarborough, they were introduced to the site which forms the focus of their course assignment - a proposed development in the Schusterskraal wetland. Students are required to prepare a formal objection to the proposed development - drawing from the wealth of land use planning laws prevalent in South Africa. In Soetwater, the students worked through an array of practical scenarios through which they could apply the law they had encountered in the seminars. After a day of mental exertion, they replenished their energy with a well-deserved drink and snack on the beach provided by Sandy Paterson (the course convener).