IMEL Courses & Block Teaching Dates (2017)

12 Dec 2016 - 06:00

2017 sees various staffing changes at IMEL with certain members being on sabbatical (Alexander Paterson), another moving to take up a position in the UCT executive (Loretta Feris) and another moving abroad (Micha Lau). We are very happy to welcome Phillipa King (a previous cum laude UCT LLM student with several subsequent years of experience working as an environmental lawyer in Cape Town) to partly fill the teaching and supervision void in 2017. As a result of these staffing changes, the array of courses on offer under the IMEL Postgraduate Teaching Programme next year have been slightly curtailed - and comprise of the following - with the relevant semester and teaching format (block teaching or weekly lectures) being reflected below:

  • Principles of Environmental Law (First Semester) - Block Teaching Weeks (provisionally 13-17 March & 5-8 June)
  • International Environmental Law (First Semester) - Block Teaching Weeks (provisionally 20-24 March & 8-12 May)
  • Pollution Law (Second Semester) - Block Teaching Weeks (provisionally 14-18 August & 6-10 November)
  • Administrative Justice & Open Government (Second Semester) - Weekly lectures throughout the semester.

Please further note that Prof Jan Glazewski ( will be the IMEL Programme Convener in 2017, and should you have any queries, please do be in touch with him in the new year.