Professor Feris Provides Input at the UN Montevideo Programme IV Meeting of Senior Government Officials

14 Sep 2015 - 10:15

Professor Feris recently participated as an independent expert and observer at the 'Meeting of senior government officials in environmental law on the midterm review of the fourth Montevideo Programme' in Montevideo, Uruguay. The Montevideo Programme identifies priority areas for action in the field of environmental law, to be undertaken by the international law community and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). The current programme, Montevideo Programme IV, covers twenty-seven programme areas, clustered under four themes: cross cutting issues that have an impact on the effectiveness of environmental law; the conservation, management and sustainable use of natural resources; challenges for environmental law, such as climate change, poverty, pollution prevention and control and new technology; and the relationship between environmental law and other fields, including human rights, trade, security and military activities. The meeting assessed and evaluated developments for the first 5 years of implementation of Montevideo IV and set priorities for action for the next 5 years.