Protected Areas Law and Governance Project Draws to a Close

28 Jun 2015 - 10:30

New Leaves (Small)

Alexander (Sandy) Paterson from IMEL recently participated in the final meeting of the IUCN Environmental Law Centre's Steering Committee tasked with overseeing their Building Capacity on Protected Areas Law and Governance Project, held in Bonn (Germany) in July 2015. The Project is a three-year initiative with its objective being to produce a set of educational tools (concentrating on a variety of easily accessible e-learning tools for different uses and audiences) to provide a blended learning package (online learning tools, hard-copy, and face to face instruction) for teaching protected areas law at university and practitioner education levels. The overall goal is to support trainers and teachers to prepare their own courses, providing them with guidance on content to teach in their region with a view to reinforcing local expertise in protected areas law and governance. The principle source materials for this project are the IUCN Guidelines for Protected Areas Legislation (2011), the Connectivity Conservation and the Law: A Concept Paper (2013) and their corresponding case studies. Sandy was appointed as lead author to prepare these educational resources which will be launched at the IUCN Academy of Environmental Law's 13th Annual Colloquium to be held in Jakarta in September 2015.

You can download a brochure on the Project here.