Workshop on Integrated Planning Law in Africa

6 Apr 2018 - 06:00

Sandy Paterson recently returned from Mbeya, Tanzania, where he facilitated a Regional Workshop on Integrated Planning and the Law. The Workshop formed part of the Integrated Planning to Implement the CBD Strategic Plan and Increase Ecosystem Resilience to Climate Change Project implemented by the IUCN Environmental Law Centre, the IUCN Global Protected Areas Programme and three IUCN regional offices. The objective of the project is to increase capacity to optimise planning to support biodiversity and climate change adaptation objectives, including through the effective engagement of protected area systems. The project focuses on integrating climate change and biodiversity concerns into spatial planning frameworks in four district surrounding the Lake Tanganyika ecosystem.

Sandy Paterson was specifically tasked with introducing interactive and practical sessions focussing on the role of law in promoting integrated land use planning. Participants were led to better understand the linkages between biodiversity, climate change and land use planning, and the legal tools that have a role to play in promoting integrated land use planning. The seminars explored key spatial planning tools (specifically integrated development plans and spatial development frameworks), land-use management tools (specifically zoning, subdivision, title deed conditions, protected area and environmental impact assessment) and governance issues (especially the role of law in promoting good governance and cooperative governance).